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  • Simple Risk Platform

    FRDM software helps simplify your social risk management by housing everything in one place!
  • Lower Oversight Costs

    FRDM allows you to focus your oversight dollars on areas that matter the most by using our sophisticated risk data analysis.
  • Regulation Requirements

    FRDM will help you comply with multiple regulations and compliance standards.
  • Reputational Resilience

    FRDM will help protect your company’s brand from costly supply chain disruptions.
  • Strengthen Supplier Network

    FRDM helps you identify and develop values aligned suppliers
  • Marketplace Distinction

    FRDM will distinguish your company through the use of our best-in-class supply chain due diligence
  • Federated Database

    FRDM allows you to harness the power of the world’s largest and fastest-growing labor database

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Oversight hours saved

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Made In A Free World Features Made In A Free World Features
  • Product Monitoring

    Identify the risk of human trafficking at every level of your supply chain, from raw material to point of final assembly.

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  • Supplier Monitoring

    Real-time, global alert monitoring on every supplier keeps supply chain risk from becoming disruptions.

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  • Compliance

    Access our comprehensive suite of tools to comply with US and international regulations on human trafficking and child labor.

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  • Integration

    Your purchases represent your global footprint, we provide a suite of tools to facilitate easily integration of your company’s spend data.

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  • Categories Monitoring

    Access detailed risk information on your entire supply chain with just 5 minutes of data entry time.

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  • Inputs Monitoring

    Identify the highest risk inputs throughout your entire supply chain and see which suppliers are affected.

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  • Supplier Benchmarking

    Track suppliers’ performance over time by measuring engagement, adherence to legal frameworks, and commitment to your vendor policies.

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  • Impact Tracking

    Track internal due diligence and risk mitigation efforts to demonstrate continuous improvement to key stakeholders.

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    “Supply chains are complicated. This new software helps determine where there might be hidden issues.”

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    “Arming companies with data.”

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    “Made In A Free World has put the tools to take a stand directly in your hand.”

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    “Supply chains are complicated. This new software helps determine where there might be hidden issues.”

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    “An incredibly powerful database.”

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    “Software that helps businesses rid their supply chains of slave labor.”

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    “The technology is there - all we need is the will to use it.”

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    “Due diligence for companies and consumers using friendly, attractive web design and a seriously important message.”

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Made In A Free World Businesses

There’s no such thing as a small business! We’ll protect your supply chain if you are selling one or a thousand products.

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Made In A Free World Nonprofits

Charity organizations have supply chains too! We’ll help you pick the best suppliers.

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Made In A Free World Enterprise

Transparency is now in the cloud! We’ve got you covered from tier one all the way to extractives.

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Made In A Free World Government

Some of the biggest buyers in the world are governments. We’ll protect freedom and fairness in the public's supply chains.

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Made In A Free World Educational

We’re working with some of the best institutions in the world. Let us put our knowledge to work for you!

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